This blog are the reflections of a group of seven Jesuits who embarked on a five week journey along the “Mexican Migration Corridor” from Central America to the United States.  In 2012, we ran a similar experience.  This blog is a continuation of that experience. The intention of this immersion experience is not to emulate the journey of the migrants  but to gain a better understanding of the reality of migration and the difficulties encountered by migrants on their journey to the U.S.   During the journey we will visit shelters, human rights organizations, parishes, and different Jesuit projects that assist migrants along the migration corridor.   This experience is more than an academic or social approach to understanding migration; it is a desire to deepen their faith by encountering Christ along the way.  “The goal of theology is not simply to understand, but to understand in order to transform the reality of oppression, violence, and sin in which people live as they journey toward the realization of the reign of God.” (Gioacchino Campese, C.S.)

Este blog son las reflexiones de un grupo de siete Jesuitas que iniciaron una experiencia de cinco semanas a lo largo del corredor migratorio que va de Centroamérica a los Estados Unidos.  En el año del 2012 hicimos una experiencia similar. Este blog es una continuación de esa experiencia. La intención no es imitar o reproducir la travesía de los migrantes, sino profundizar en la comprehensión de la realidad de la migración y las dificultades encnontradas por l@s migrantes en su trayecto a los Estados Unidos.  Durante estas semanas visitaremos albergues, organizaciones que defienden los derechos humanos de l@s migrantes, parroquias y diferentes proyectos Jesuitas que asisten a migrantes a lo largo del corredor migratorio.  Esta experiencia es más que un acercamiento académico y social a la realidad migratoria.  Es también el deseo de profundizar nuestra fe al encontrarnos con Cristo en el camino.   “La meta de la teología no es simplemente entender, sino entender para transformar la realidad de opresión, violencia y pecado en que la gente vive mientras peregrinamos hacia la realización del reino de Dios.” (Gioacchino Campese, C.S.)


3 responses to “About

  1. Good Afternoon to all,
    I was looking for information about any shelter that helps people who lost their legs, or arms trying to cross the border to US. The pastor of my church would like to donate some money to this place.

    If anyone knows where i can get this info, could you please send me information.

    • aolayo


      Thanks for your message. I am Fr. Alejandro Olayo-Mendez, SJ. You can donate to Albergue Jesus El Buen pastor. http://www.alberguebuenpastor.org.mx/index.php/en/donations
      They work in Tapachula Chiapas and they specialize working with Migrants who have suffered accidents along their journey. Help will be tremendously appreciated.

      Let me know if you have other questions or contact them directly. They need a lot of help and support is always appreciated.

  2. Grace gonzales

    Praying for all of you. Marcos we are very proud of what you are doing.

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